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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a growing area of expertise. Companies that adopt an ERM approach have experienced significant improvements in business performance. 

Learning ERM can add value to a company and your resume!

Yet, it can be challenging to understand how all the components of ERM work together. 

A Flip This Risk® poll conducted on LinkedIn found that 53% of professionals want to learn risk management, but (1) the language is too technical, (2) the books are too long, and (3) there's too much industry jargon.  That's where we come in! 

We Consolidated 20+ Years of Industry Knowledge into ONE Simple Platform! 

By taking our Flip This Risk® Registered Trademark courses, you:

  • Eliminate the time wasted searching for credible content on the internet.
  • Drastically reduce your learning curve.
  • Avoid time-consuming mistakes when applying ERM principles.
  • Skip the heavy theory and learn what works in actual day-to-day operations.

Our Flip This Risk® Registered Trademark 4P-Model

The secret sauce that helps participants effectively apply ERM principles in real-world scenarios. 

Our Flip This Risk® Registered Trademark Curriculum

Comprehensively covers various types of risk under the ERM umbrella, including IT, cyber, security, supply chain, acquisition, technology, human capital, and transportation risks, ensuring a holistic learning experience. 

Our Flip This Risk® Registered Trademark Delivery

Includes self-paced instruction, cohorts, on-demand videos, live events, and webinars on a platform available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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What People Are Saying...

George J., Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Karen Hardy is a world-class Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Professional. She provided critical strategic planning and direction for our organization. Dr. Hardy developed an Assessment Tool that provided criteria for each organizational component to determine their level of ERM maturity. She was the driving force behind the development and issuance of OMB Circular No. A-123, which served as the foundational layer to facilitate major changes in ERM concepts. Dr. Hardy is a change visionary with impeccable integrity and boundless energy. I recommend her without reservations.

George C., Strategy and Risk Manager

Dr. Hardy presented an engaging ERM Executive Seminar at my agency. She has been a leader in building the practice of ERM in the federal government from the very beginning. I highly recommend Dr. Hardy’s ERM training.

Steve C., Executive Advisor, fmr CIO

Dr. Hardy literally wrote the textbook on risk management in government [Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals], and we benefited significantly from her expertise. Karen's patience and servant leadership in guiding and teaching others at all levels was instrumental in improving the department's risk profile. I continue to turn to Dr Hardy on behalf of my clients and federal customers, and recommend her without reservation.

Hersh S., University Professor

This kind of information will help people identify best practices from a non-qualitative perspective. The narratives are incredibly powerful. Conversations with thought leaders and action leaders help people develop a sense of best practices and models that work for successful people —to help improve our decision-making when we listen to others.

Byron. A, Government Executive

Dr. Hardy continues to provide relevant and valuable information on her platform that touches all communities. I now have a more informed perspective on risk and incorporate risk-mitigating strategies into my life. Thank you!

Sean Briscombe, Foundation CEO

Dr. Hardy has a lot of really good information that can serve a lot of people.

Academy Cohort Publishes Security Risk Management Book

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Academy Partners with Local Chefs

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What People Are Saying

A catalyst for innovative thinking in risk management

Tom M., Global Retail Expert

The diverse range of topics you've covered, from space debris to the nuances of persuasion in risk communication, underscores the multifaceted nature of risk in various domains. The conversations are thought-provoking and actionable, providing professionals with insights to navigate the complexities of risk in our ever-evolving world.

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